A Year of Beer – Day 1

The first beer in my year of beer is Mikkeler’s Simcoe. Brewed with a single hop variety this is a simple beautiful beer. Although rate beer.com gave this a 99/100, I don’t think it is that good, but it isn’t a bad start for the year of beer.

The bottle was bought at Michael’s in Marietta GA.

Aroma 9/10. Citrus and pine notes from the simcoe hops, clean and sharp, a lovely nose but a simple profile, it is to style.

Appearance 4/5. A little in the red side of the scale, the bottle I had poured a nice head, but did bubble over on opening for what that is worth. The beer is also quite hazy, but within style guidelines.

Taste 9/10. Low on malt, medium high on hops, this beer is satisfying button simple. Slight hint of grass, and a little sharp on aftertaste.

Pallette 4/5. Body is mild, not overwhelming, but not disappointing.

Overall18/20. The beer was tasty and well put together, although I tend to prefer more complex beers, this one I would definitely drink if on the menu at a restaurant or bar.


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